Create-A-Wrestler: El Toro Fuerte

Jackie Chan Adventures - El Toro FuerteMedium: Television
Title: Jackie Chan Adventures
Bio: El Toro Fuerte is a world champion luchador. It is believed that most of his power comes from the ox talisman that is embedded in his mask, hence the name. Is also a trusted sidekick of one Jackie Chan (the animated version).
Signature Move: Big splash.

Create-A-Wrestler: Captain Insano

Captain InsanoMedium: Film
Title: The Waterboy
Bio: Captain Isano is an all-American giant that’s known more for his mic work than his in-ring skills. His greatest rival is the mysterious Herculon.  Signature Move: Cutting scathing promos on 30-year-old virgins.

Create-A-Wrestler: The Masked Mauler

Garfield and Friends 1 - Masked MaulerMedium: Television
Title: Garfield and Friends
Bio: On the surface, The Masked Mauler was an opposing figure. Underneath the mask lurked an over-sized, goofy-looking nerd who was allergic to cats.
Signature Move: Bullying local townspeople into wrestling matches.

Create-A-Wrestler: Bonesaw McGraw

Bonesaw McGraw

Medium: Film
Title: Spider-Man
Bio: Bonesaw is a ruthless wrestler who usually sends his opponents home in a stretcher. A throwback of sorts, Bonesaw also issues $3,000 challenges to anybody who can last in the ring with him for three minutes. He isn’t above using a steel chair or a lead pipe as a weapon. Probably has a fear of spiders.
Signature Move: Flying elbow drop.

Create-A-Wrestler: The Trashman

Always Sunny 1 - TrashmanMedium: Television
Title: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Bio: The Trashman is a mini hardcore wrestler who carries around his own garbage can that doubles as his weapon of choice and source of nourishment.
Signature Move: Eating out of trashcans.

Create-A-Wrestler: El Gato Loco

Android - 6Medium: Advertising
Title: Google Photos App
Bio: The crazed masked cat is known for his high-flying lucha style. He is also known for his stalker of an ex-girlfriend, who can be spotted in the crowd during his matches.
Signature Move: Flying Body Press

Create-A-Wrestler: The Battling Bailiff

Night Court 2 - Battling BailiffMedium: Television
Title: Night Court
Bio: The Battling Bailiff was a newcomer to the New York wrestling territory and was scheduled to make his debut at Madison Square Garden. He had previously worked as a nighttime courtroom bailiff. Some say he was the second cousin of the Big Boss Man.
Signature Move: Bailing out of a match.